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Falcon Baseball Parents,

The 2024 baseball season is ahead of us and we are ready to lace ‘em up and get back out on the diamond. Baseball registration will open up on January 3rd and run through February 23rd. If you miss the registration deadline, any late registrant request will be evaluated based on each team's availability and a $35 late fee will be applied. Late registrations close by March 3rd and will not be allowed thereafter as the program needs appropriate time to enroll in leagues, connect and prepare coaches, and order jerseys in time for season kickoff.

There are a few changes as to how the season will run, so here is a snapshot per grade:

  • Pre-K & K (Tball in house): T-ball is offered for this age and is boys and girls combined. *NEW* This year, we will offer games against other local teams vs in-house only. Teams will be broken up just like all other age groups the best we can and we will ask for volunteer coaches for each team. Plan to play 5 or 6 games against other local teams
  • 1st grade (Two Options): 
    • ‚ÄčOption 1 - In House: Your 1st grader will move up from t-ball to a coach pitch game. Players do not strike out or walk. The coach will throw to the batter until the batter puts the ball in play. If the player is unable to hit the ball, after a discretionary number of pitches, a tee will come out to assist the player to put the ball in play. Game scheduling will be against other local towns. 
    • Option 2 - EAA: If you feel your 1st grader is ready for kids pitch they are able to do that by registering in the 2nd grade (8U) team that plays in the EAA League.
  • 2nd Grade (This is 8U baseball): We play in the Elkhorn Athletic Association Leagues (EAA) for all 8U and up age groups. This is a player/coach pitch league. Players pitch to batters and after four balls are thrown, then a coach will come out to pitch. Again, no walks are allowed, but strikeouts are a part of the game. Example: A player has been thrown 4 balls but also has 2 strikes on him when the coach comes out, if the next pitch results in a swing and miss the batter is out. To set expectations, usually the coach will come out unless the batter puts the ball in play. EAA will set these schedules. We play our surrounding small towns as well as Elkhorn teams. Half of the games will be played at home and half away.
  • 3rd and 4th Grade (This is 10U Baseball): The biggest adjustment you will see in this age group is that stealing is allowed. This means the catcher position is really introduced and becomes a large part of the game.
  • 5th and 6th Grade (This is 12U Baseball): The major difference you will see at this level, is that players are allowed to lead off and dropped ball 3rd strikes are introduced. Basically, this is standard baseball rules.‚Äč
  • 7th and 8th Grade (This is 14U Baseball): All teams will platy in the Rec+ league instead of the E-Rec league and teams will be split equally based on the number of registrants in each grade. Our goal would be to have teams by each grade. Again, this is not concrete and will depend on the number of players signed up. Players are allowed to wear metal spikes at this level.

Another big change this year, 

For any age group with enough players to form two teams, one team will be play in the upper division rec+ and the other team will be playing E-Rec. Decisions on what kid goes to which team will be based upon the coaches discretion of those age groups and will be based on their current ability. All kids develop at a different pace, and we want to help further the development of each individual player for continuous improvement. If an age group only has one team they will play in the Rec+ division to ensure we compete at an appropriate level. Each level will get the same amount of games as well as the same type of end of year tournament. Most towns are currently and have been doing it this way for a long time now


Here is a link to the USSSA Rules:

Jersey Info: Starting this season, DCWYSO will only provide the jersey shirt and hats. We are asking parents to provide long white pants, black belts and black socks for their child. Only molded cleats are allowed. 

Below is a link to order pants from Epic Sports, pants range from $14-$20 pending size. Socks and belts can also be found on this site ranging from $2-$10. Shipping is about 5-7 days from time to order and ranges from $5-$12.  This website is just a resource suggestion, you are welcome to find these items elsewhere. (Link for Pants - choose white color/black piping). 

Practice Info: Practice dates will depend on the coach of that age group as well as field scheduling availability. The coach will contact you once teams are formed and will communicate practice days/times that are scheduled for the season. All players should arrive to practice wearing their full uniform (hat, jersey, pants, and cleats), baseball equipment, and water bottle

Game Info: 1st Grade thru 14U baseball usually starts towards the middle/end of April and will be communicated to each team when game schedules are posted.


We are looking forward to a fun 2024 season! For any questions, please reach out to us directly.


Marcus Martin
Baseball Coordinator 

Jack Swinney
Baseball Coordinator